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The Band

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Whiskey Creek began with a couple local firefighters, a wife, and a professional singer from Nashville, who put some music together for the State Firefighter Convention here in Walla Walla during the summer of 2011.  They never intended to become a serious band, they just enjoyed playing music together and having fun. 


After the convention, the band decided to continue and try to book some "real" shows.  Many LIVE practices were held at South Fork Grill for "Whiskey Wednesdays"  where the band would simply play for free drinks, just to hone their skills. Before long, they were booking dates and the band's popularity was taking off. The second official performance was at Dunham Cellars where a party broke out and the wine drinkers started dancing. This was a 'first' for the folks at Dunham... and Whiskey Creek... but certainly not the last!


By the Fall 2012, the band had played many different venues including The Oasis, The Red Monkey, Kontos Cellars, Laht Neppur, The Chocolate Shop, the Annual WW Sausage Fest, and even a couple of weddings!  Just when Whiskey Creek was hitting its stride, their vocalist returned to Nashville leaving the band without a lead singer and a future that was uncertain.  The members of Whiskey Creek didn't want to call it quits just yet, they were having too much fun!  They regrouped, found new vocalists, and got right back to work without missing a beat. 


In the winter of 2013, the band was getting booking requests for some bigger venues, including county fairs, rodeos, and large outdoor events.  The small acoustic sound that the band had been known for now needed to be "amplified".  They switched over to a full drum set, added some more electric guitar, and threw in more high-energy party songs to their ever-evolving sets lists.


2015 was a great year for the band.  They played 24 shows and were lucky enough to be one of the featured local bands for the Gentlemen of the Road Stopover that featured Grammy Award winners Mumford & Sons and the Foo Fighters.  Most recently WCB was voted "Best of the Best Local Band" by the readers of the WW Union Bulletin. 


Whiskey Creek has evolved over the past few years but they continue to stay in touch with their roots.  They strive to blend the old with the new, the small acoustic sound with the big electric sound; danceable, drinkable, "ALWAYS A PARTY"....Whiskey Creek.


Jason Strang– lead guitars (WW Professional Firefighter/Fire Inspector)

Randy Smith- lead vocals, rhythm guitar (Fiber Optic Network Engineer)

Lindsey Williams- lead vocals and mandolin, killer tambourine skills and FUN factor (stay at home mama)

Chris Buttice-drums

Rick "Ricky B" Walther- bass guitar

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